Seamless patient monitoring solutions that bridge the gap between hospital and home care

A New Era in Continuous Care

Our Remote Patient Monitoring technology is set to transform patient care by increasing efficiency in hospital and allowing patients to have a better recovery quality at home

Remote patient monitoring bridges the crucial gap between medical appointments, during which unforeseen events could lead to a deterioration in a patient’s health that might otherwise go unnoticed. In the span of time between visits to a healthcare provider or even in between nurse visits in hospital, patients with chronic conditions or those recovering from surgery are susceptible to subtle changes in their health status. These changes can include fluctuations in vital signs, the emergence of new symptoms, or deviations from prescribed treatment plans. 

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Meet Our Solutions

Our wearable devices and smart care sensors adapt to each patient’s needs.

Wearable Sensors

Cutting-edge wearable devices that screen vitals daily

Parameters measured include ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, respiration rate, and even early warning for falls and cardiac health deterioration detection. With the support of an AI and ML driven alert, our dedicated team of nurses regularly monitors the data and keeps contact with patients to evaluate their health status and progress towards their health goals.

This innovative approach has been designed to provide continuous support to seniors, patients grappling with complex chronic conditions or disabilities, and post-op patients, who typically face additional risks and potential complications.  

By continually monitoring and offering around-the-clock surveillance of their biometric data, remote patient monitoring ensures that patients have a strong connection with their healthcare team.  

Smart Care Sensors

Enabling people to safely remain at home

Our intelligent care solution seamlessly places discrete camera-free sensors and alert devices at home, enabling caregivers and healthcare providers to monitor activity levels, behaviour patterns, health metrics, sleep quality, and more.

By identifying and emphasizing shifts in behaviour and trends, our solution empowers caregivers to proactively identify and prevent incidents, emergencies, and health concerns. 

Our Mission is to Keep People Healthy


Real-time data interpreted by healthcare professionals, with the aid of AI and ML, enables them to identify and address issues promptly.


This approach could lead to better patient outcomes and minimise the risk of medical emergencies, reducing healthcare costs and enhancing the overall quality of care.