We are developing a digital care platform with an edge – connecting people to a strong network of care providers and facilitating health delivery through our clinical-grade digital solution 

Challenges in healthcare delivery

Access to Care Providers

Especially in rural or underserviced communities, where there may be a shortage of healthcare professionals. 

Medical Records Management

Healthcare record systems may not easily communicate with each other.

Personal Health Metrics

Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data and integration with wearables into healthcare records can be challenging.

Medication  Management

Lack of effective communication regarding medication instructions and issues with treatment adherence.

Cost and Affordability

Healthcare services, medications, and insurance can be restraining for many individuals, leading to delayed or foregone medical care.

Meet Our Comprehensive Healthcare Solution

All your health needs under one platform

Patients can book online or face-to-face consultations with Care Providers, access to order lab tests, book imaging scans, get e-prescriptions, and keep all their medical records in one place, all through our potent Patient Portal and the assistance of our medical concierge team.

An All-In-One Healthcare solution

We facilitate health delivery through our clinical-grade digital solution

General Practitioners, Specialists & Allied Health

Connect people to a network of care providers to assist them in their recovery journey – in person or remotely.

Tracking of Expenses

Manage expenses and claim reimburses.



Access to a network of community pharmacies. Care providers can dispense e-prescriptions and pharmacies can process them digitally.

Imaging Scans

Receive your imaging scan referrals and results through our platform.

Lab Tests

Receive your lab test referrals and results through our platform.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Track your vitals using smart wellness wearables and clinical measurement devices integrated to the platform.

Access to Specialists

Experience healthcare with a personal touch. As part of our professional care network, we proudly offer specialty procedures tailored to our patients’ unique needs.


Chest Wall Stabilisation is a new and innovative surgical treatment for Slipping Rib Syndrome (SRS), only available through our Professional Network.

Slipping Rib Syndrome is a rare condition where the cartilage on a person’s lower ribs slips or dislocates leading to pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen and, traditionally, surgery for this condition involved removing the effected rib to prevent it from slipping and irritating the surrounding nerves. However, this technique has been associated with limited success in improving pain as patients often still experience pain because the rib is still attached to the spine at the joint and there is still movement of the rib and irritation of the nerve at this location.

Chest wall stabilisation procedure is a newer surgical technique performed by Mr Alam, where the goal is to minimise movement of the effected ribs in relation to the rest of the rib cage, thereby minimising irritation of surrounding nerves and alleviating the pain.

Patients can request for a consultation with Mr Alam through Specialist Direct.

Mr Naveed Alam – Thoracic Surgeon – MD FRCSC FRACS

Mental Health

“Talked” is our comprehensive mental health support ecosystem powered by purpose-built technology and experienced practitioners that instantly connects people to verified therapists 

Our data-driven approach ensures that patients are matched with high-quality practitioners who can address their specific needs, even allowing them a free trial session to discover if they are the right fit.

Talked’s purpose-built chat rooms and real-time chat feature enables patients to engage in meaningful conversations with therapists, and its user-friendly booking system ensure a seamless and convenient experience throughout a patient’s mental health journey.