Improving people’s wellbeing through early detection and condition management with cutting-edge health technology  





We are dedicated to empowering communities and enhancing their health and well-being by leveraging advanced technology and providing seamless access to leading and trusted specialists, facilitating remote monitoring, improving injury recovery and promoting prevention.

Fragmented Healthcare and its Impact

The healthcare system is struggling to properly deliver treatment, care continuity, and remote care, putting patients at risk of prolonged suffering, worsening their conditions and poorer outcomes. 

Additionally, the financial cost of these problems for health systems, insurers, healthcare providers, and patients is staggering.

“The fragmentation of care delivery can result in inaccurate or delayed diagnoses for up to 20% of all patient encounters, and problems arising from inappropriate medication prescription and usage can cost up to $530 billion.*”

Lack of Access to Care

Especially in remote communities and overcrowded urban areas.

Fragmented Communication

Without effective collaboration between health providers, specialists and patients, critical information may be missed, leading to diagnostic errors or delayed referrals.

Delayed Diagnosis

Screening methods are often invasive and expensive leading to reluctance in getting an early screening for suspected conditions.

Lack of Continuity

Inefficient and inadequate follow-up care resulting in poorer outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The Future of Healthcare

Specialist Direct offers a coordinated ecosystem that focuses on preventative care.

We are optimising the delivery of healthcare with our collaborative ecosystem of solutions that aims to facilitate access to care and improve care continuity, focusing on early detection, monitoring and remote access, including those who live in under-resourced communities.

Case & Claims Management

Empowering injured workers and athletes by enabling and streamlining collaboration between patients, health providers, insurers, and organisations to ultimately improve recovery outcomes.

Care Network

Access to primary and specialist care via our patient portal and all your medical records in one place.

Early Detection

  • Visit local partner care providers for screening services, even in remote locations, to detect health issues from a very early stage. 
  • With a simple, fast and non-invasive eye test, we can:
    • Assess the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, including vascular disease (including heart attack and stroke).
    • Assess brain health: detect concussion and fatigue especially designed for athletes and workers.

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Wearable health sensors that monitor patients’ vitals (heart rate, respiration rate, ECG and temperature) facilitating continuity of care in the comfort of their homes and proactively manage condition to prevent deterioration.
  • Wellness app: take a selfie to monitor your general health and detect health risks.

All these solutions are encompassed in our Virtual Care platform that enacts as a remote care centre powered by AI and Medical Concierge – it monitors patients, assesses risks, and proactively takes action in collaboration with trusted medical providers.

What Makes us Unique

Specialist Direct provides people access to end-to-end health and well-being solutions that focus on a preventative and proactive approach.  

Our mission is to ensure better care continuity and achieve improved outcomes for individuals and communities alike.

Our Solutions are Designed for

Insurers & self-insured companies

Sporting teams

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