Making early detection simple and available to everyone

Early Detection is at the Centre of Prevention

Early detection of diseases can have a significant positive impact on population’s health and wellbeing, leading to better patient experiences and outcomes.

Our Approach

Our solutions make Early Detection available to more people, more often by: 


Improving Availability

Increasing the capacity of Early Detection services which reduces pressure on traditional healthcare facilities.

Working With Local Community

Training local community health workers to champion early detection initiatives.

Reducing Costs

By eliminating the need to travel to access healthcare for members of remote communities and AI driven technology to drive efficiency.


Creating Awareness

We work with local communities to improve awareness about the benefits of Early Detection.

Hub & Spoke Network

Bridging the gap between regional locations and high-resource areas

The Hub and Spoke model represents a service delivery approach that strategically connects well-equipped hubs with less-resourced spokes, with the aim to equalise access and enhance cost efficiency.

There tends to be shortages of skilled professionals in remote locations, leaving under-resourced regions at a disadvantage due to the need to travel to higher-resource areas. This incurs significant costs for governments and insurances, covering travel and lodging expenses.

Our hub and spoke model addresses this by enabling healthcare facilities to establish a regional presence in underserved areas. These sites can be connected to urban hubs, allowing online service delivery aided by trained healthcare workers, reducing the need for extensive travel.

This image demonstrates how the Hub & Spoke model can be implemented for our clients.

Empowering Local Health Workers

We collaborate with state and regional educational institutions to upskill health workers in regional or resource-limited communities to support the delivery of service of the Hub & Spoke model.

AI-powered Health Scan

We use a revolutionary technology to detect over 10 medical conditions with a simple eye scan

Delivered through a simple and non-invasive eye test, this advanced technology revolutionises healthcare accessibility by offering a solution that seamlessly integrates into routine eye examinations.  

This innovative approach lowers the barriers to essential health monitoring, ensuring that patients can easily and comfortably receive vital screenings as part of their regular eye care routine. 



A photo will be taken of your eyes, similar to the process at an optometrist’s office.  


The software analyses the image for markers of selected chronic diseases. 


You receive a report detailing your risk for developing cardiovascular disease within the next five years and presence of other health issues.

Step 4

Discuss with your health professional the outcomes and strategies to mitigate your risk and address other identified conditions.

Our suite of solutions can diagnose the following diseases:

     Neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration AMD)

     Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)


     Women’s Health

     Brain health (for athletes and workers) 

     Referable Diabetic Retinopathy

Early Detection Has Never Been Easier