Empowering and enhancing people’s recovery journeys to promote better health outcomes

Introducing our Unique Recovery Management Method

An innovative approach that enables and streamlines collaboration between stakeholders

MiRA is a case management platform designed to empower individuals to take proactive steps to recover from an injury or illness by enabling early reporting and seamless communication between patients, rehab managers, and case managers and providing access to a care network. 

This holistic approach paves the path to successful and timely recovery, helps organisations stay compliant and efficiently improve their governance and risk management approach.

Meet MiRA

Say goodbye to the chaos of communicating, keeping records and managing appointments on multiple platforms

    MiRA enables a preventative and collaborative approach to injury and illness management. Understanding that injuries and illnesses are part of organisations, we stress the significance of a coordinated care approach to maximise the chances of positive outcomes and a safe and timely return to work or play. 


    Case Management

    An all-in-one solution puts individuals in the driver's seat of their recovery and keeps case managers and organisations on top of it

    Real-Time Updates and Reports

    Users can log injuries or illnesses on the go and the support team can see status.

    Centralised Document Storage

    Store medical records, referrals, and more.

    Access to Care Providers

    Connect people to a network of care providers to assist them in their recovery journey – in person or remotely.

    Challenges in Case Management

     Neglected and untreated injuries can potentially lead to the development of chronic or complex conditions, posing even greater risks to individuals health  and wellbeing.

    Workplace or sports injuries can be complex and costly to manage.

    Increasing regulatory requirements in each operational environment and competitive landscape, require organisations to enhance their members’ wellbeing experience to drive retention and improve outcomes.

    User Levels & Benefits

    MiRA is a multi-tenancy platform with multi-tiered user levels, each benefiting from the system in its own unique way. User groups are designed based on a team-based case management approach suitable for small to enterprise scale organisation. Further customisations such as user level permissions and reporting format according to each organisation's needs can be facilitated when required.



    Ability to communicate and share recovery progress updated with Associates and Case Managers and access clinical care services (i.e. book scans, specialist appointments, etc.).



    Ability to view player recovery progress and provide appropriate support along the journey in a proactive manner, based on real-time information from relevant stakeholders.

    Case Administrators

    Ability to log injuries and create recovery plans to assist with player recovery, engagement and retention.



    Be supported with a streamlined system that allows them to provide more consistent and efficient injury management and reporting, improve their members' experience and engagement and facilitate a safer community sports environment.



    Build centralised visibility with aggregated data on incidents occurring across all subdivisions, which can improve risk management approach for the association and be proactive in further planning for provision of support.

    How to Use MiRA

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