Meet the team pushing the boundaries of healthcare and what motivates us

What Brought us Together?

An innovative approach to optimise an individual’s recovery journey and promote better health outcomes.

As we navigated the healthcare system, some of us were personally affected by growing problems in it or encountered these issues in our professional lives. We discovered: 

  • A siloed provision of health services was reducing the health outcomes, putting patients at risk of reduced outcomes 
  • Underserved communities face a greater disparity in healthcare access and quality, putting vulnerable populations at higher risk.  

At Specialist Direct, we are committed to building a digital healthcare ecosystem to help bridge the healthcare gap and break silos within it. 

Our Vision

“We aim to reshape healthcare to improve people’s wellbeing by bringing collaboration through a robust network of trusted care providers and partners to make it accessible for everyone, everywhere”

How Do We Aim To Achieve Our Vision?

Afifa Loutfie

Afifa Loutfie

Executive Director Specialist Direct

With over 15 years of experience in capability development, international business operations, and management consulting in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Afifa has assisted various organisations in developing business growth strategy, capability, capacity and delivery of major infrastructure projects. Her strengths in innovative design thinking, strategic planning, solution-based consulting and capability uplift has been the key driver for the development and delivery of the Specialist Direct platform as a comprehensive care ecosystem that reforms the delivery of care internationally.

Dr Sallie Cowan

Dr Sallie Cowan

Physiotherapist, Injury Prevention & Management Expert

Sallie is an expert clinician, business owner, and academic with over 30 years of healthcare and research experience and a demonstrated track record as an effective communicator and manager. She is skilled at building strong, impactful relationships and leads clinical and non-clinical staff to deliver best-practice patient care, frequently incorporating cutting-edge technologies. Her research initiatives and team are renowned for delivering programs that impact clinical practice, putting knowledge into action.  

Sallie is passionate about promoting the health and wellbeing of women and girls participating in sports and physical activity and strongly advocates equitable and accessible injury prevention and health care. 


Vicki Durston

Vicki Durston

Strategic Advisor


 With 30 years of diverse experience in nursing, executive management, research, advocacy, and strategic planning, Vicki has dedicated her career to her true passion: enhancing people’s lives. She currently serves as the President of the General Assembly and Board Member of ABC Global Alliance as a representative of Breast Cancer Network Australia and has a role as a non-executive Board Director and Chair of the Governance & Risk Sub-Committee at the Victorian Amateur Football Association.  Additionally, she shares her knowledge and passion for healthcare on various national and state based advisory committees, has previously been a Teaching Associate at Monash University, and worked to support curriculum development for the Australian College of Nursing, nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals


Nancy Abdelnour

Nancy Abdelnour

Psychologist & Recovery Case Management Expert

Nancy is a people focused, solutions-based agile leader with over 20 years expertise in workplace health management, rehabilitation and claims transformation industry. 

Nancy is a strategic leader that understands the psychology of people and performance and her extensive experience in the wellbeing and insurance sector has been the driving force behind the conception of MiRA. 

Fiorella Bonfiglioli

Fiorella Bonfiglioli

Marketing Specialist


Fiorella has collaborated with over 50 brands across various industries and countries, devising marketing strategies to help them achieve their unique business objectives. With experience working with well-known names like Red Bull, Puma, Smeg, Britvic, Tigi, and more, Fiorella brings significant expertise in digital communications and strategy to the table. 

Fiorella holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and a Graduate Diploma in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.